Exercise & mental health

April 2, 2019

Do you think exercise only reaps physical rewards?

Physical exercise can have a positive effect on mental health, with regular exercise improving mood and wellbeing.

Research suggests that exercise can act as a preventive measure for mental health issues. Additionally, it can be used as a means of treatment for those suffering with their mental health. Alongside physical health benefits, exercise can improve body image, quality of life and provide individuals with a coping mechanism for stress (Knapen et al, 2015).

In conclusion, exercise is much more holistic than people initially think. It adds value to various dimensions of peoplesโ€™ lives, opposed to simply getting you physically fitter or stronger. Invest in yourself and overall wellbeing.


Knapen, J., Vancampfort, D., Morien, Y., and Marchal, Y. (2015) Exercise therapy improves both mental and physical health in patients with major depression. Disability and Rehabilitation. 37:16, pp. 1490-1495.


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